Monday, 7 May 2012

To Canoodle A Cadaver

India, is the world's largest anarchic system or in other words, the world's largest democracy. Though, presently not in such a bad shape as that of our excuse of a neighbor, it is surely on the verge of a deafening implosion that threatens to consume all of us in it's collapse to the nether lands. This system so painfully conjured up by illustrious men is slowly turning into a diabolical scheme of a fiend nation that had contrived to tear apart this new kid on the UNO block, bit by bit. 

Just like Eddie is consumed by the gooey alien that turns him into Spidey's arch nemesis  - Venom, corruption is slowly consuming Indian politics and turning it into a bile  mixture. I recall a statement by a present day Indian politician likening India to a milch cow, Jersey cow to be precise, a term aptly suitable for a cowherd who only knows to handle the udder & milk the animal for his profit. For most of our politicians, my country is a healthy cow whose sole purpose is to feed these ever hungry demons. In fact, a striking majority are so neck deep in graft  that I can easily liken them to maggots who feed on the rotting flesh of a cadaver - a dead body. 
I think ethical politics in the country has long died and what we are left with is a rotting corpse  of the same. I squarely blame the people of India who deprived this institution of the precious oxygen & life support for it to survive the viciousness in the air. Large scale poverty, population explosion, ignorance & illiteracy have been prime reasons. The rot had set in right at the time of the declaration of Indian independence, when millions of people under united India, could not read through the politics at play and silently suffered due to the inglorious decisions of their so called leaders. States were carved out based on linguistic patterns and thus the great divide after a great unison had started. There clearly had to be a definition pronounced by the nation's first cabinet for a united India and create a law set in stone that would prevent any future politician from twisting the constitution for his own glory and splendor. 

India, unfortunately is still not self sufficient when it comes to technology and even food. Most of our technology is borrowed and the unscientific approach and gross neglect of our primarily agrarian rural sector has resulted in wide spread crop failures, galloping food inflation and large scale reports of farmer suicides. Each and every political party of the country preaches about the same old issues. Poverty alleviation, education for all, technological advancement and more focus on agriculture and industry so as to reinforce the economy. I first of all, detest the concept of setting up a new political party in the first place. This dilutes the efficacy of the political body and it provides an opportunity for fielding candidates not based on merit or ideology but merely on the incumbent's caste and religion. 

While we are reeling under the pressures of an all time high food inflation, an ever expanding fiscal deficit, a failing foreign exchange deposit and a thinning GDP growth, it is plain stupid that people still look at the candidate's caste back ground rather than scrutinize his primary legitimacy to be contesting the election itself. The lawmakers though, have passed an eyewash of a law that prohibits 'Convicts' from contesting, it has made no amends to its laws that prevents 'undertrials' and 'charge - sheeted' candidates from contesting. Of course, one might preach about having faith in our 'independent' judicial system, but it is there for everyone to see the way our judicial system works. 

I have mentioned elsewhere in the post that the Indian political system is dead and we are left canoodling  a cadaver. We wrest our hopes on a lifeless system wriggling with these flesh eating maggots. We are mute spectators 0f the vultures swooping down for their share of the body. It is but hard to think of how a pack of dogs from across the border armed to the teeth can simply walk into the country's financial capital and start downing men, women and children like they were roaches under the boot, It is hard to imagine how a few guys just walk over and spray bullets on the institution of Indian democracy, It is hard to imagine why thousands of tribesmen from remote villages and forests have taken up arms to destroy the system, it is hard to imagine why most people from the 7 sisters do not identify themselves as being Indian, it is hard to imagine why the Indian media dedicates much of its resources and time on the case of a mother allegedly killing the child and assume roles of both judge and jury and ignore the issue of hundreds of poor men, women and children go down their watery graves somewhere in Assam. Surely, the media has a responsibility on its shoulders and the case of hundreds of Indians drowning, obviously due to lack of proper infrastructure. Rather the case of a murder in high society hogs more screen space than a hundred lives. Or maybe, the fourth estate has realised the bitter truth about out political system much before than most of us and have renounced their fundamental duty to create an awareness and ignite the people's minds. 

This is not an emotional outburst from a naive engineer working in the comforts of a multinational company, but this is a reflection of an entire generation's thoughts and feelings. I do not understand the reason why we are still fighting an enemy without a face, 64 years after our great forefathers rejected their ideas of a happy life and lost their youth for a more secure and prosperous India of the future. The enemy that stands in front of us today constitutes our own countrymen - policemen, doctors, engineers, lawyers, bureaucrats and the worst of them all - politicians. They are our brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and spouses against whom we possibly cannot stand down and fight. Are we victims of a misguided policy? Are we lost in this jigsaw puzzle that has no exit? 

But maybe I am wrong about all this, I see good things happening in the country. I see satellites being launched in outer space, I see scores of children realising their dreams of getting a proper education of a proper childhood they so rightly deserve, I see long stretches of roads that connect lives rather than people, I see large industries that take into their arms millions of educated youth who would have had nowhere to go if not for them. 

I see a part of the assumed cadaver wiggle with life. I only need to drive out the maggots and infuse life into what's remaining. I need to kill the stigmas in the society. Discussing the issue is a good start to achieve a new life. The 'I' here is not an individual, it is a whole group, a whole generation of it. Most of you might question my moral right to be preaching about bringing in a change. No, I am not a messiah nor I am a leader, I desire the change and I perhaps am not strong enough to bring about the same. But, I can surely contribute to the thinking process. 

The educated class do not vote in large numbers. That is our major flaw. Election day is just another holiday to sleep just a bit longer. Most of the people I personally know go out and vote, but I have statistics to back my argument that the educated middle class has many eligible voters who just do not come out and vote. The least we can do is to go out and vote and may be then qualify ourselves to debate on the structuring of our country's future. We obviously have no right to comment if we haven't even voted. 

We are optimistic creatures and I believe there is still a lot of hope for the country's politics as more and more youngsters with a passion to bring about a change and a strong will & perseverance are taking the plunge into the muck filled swamp of politics. We also have many industrialists and philanthropists entering the fray who genuinely want to make a difference. 

May be I am waiting for the cadaver to spring back to life and my country will no longer remain a dark shadow of its glorious past. I am waiting to canoodle a beautiful girl and not a cadaver. 

The future belongs to those, who prepare for it today

- Malcolm X

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