Monday, 21 May 2012

Thrashing Taboo

In the world's oldest civilization, customs and practices are bound to undergo significant changes as time tides over. 

An ancient nation with the most prolific community of scientists, medical practitioners, astrologers, mathematicians, philosophers carried within itself a large jar of abominations.


The golden age of Indian civilization witnessed the celebration of free thoughts, free speech and liberal actions where subjects that would invite cold stares & shocking glares in today's modern India, were freely discussed in large public forums and places where large scale public gathering took place. 

In today's ultra modern India, where it is alright for a girl from an 'upper' caste to dress less conservatively so as to be more in vogue with the trending fashion, it is not so for the same 'upper' caste girl to be caught talking to a member of another community or worse someone belonging to a 'lower' caste! This is a taboo. 

While it is alright for one's own daughter to climb up the academic and the corporate ladder, it is not so for the daughter in law to do so. This is a taboo. 

I could go on with a very lengthy list of mundane issues that are considered normal for some and taboo for the others. 

While India is the second most populous nation on the face of earth it is a taboo to freely discuss about the Original Sin. It is something that has to be spoken about in hushed tones in the constrains of four walls of the house or between two individuals who have the legal right to consummate their marriage. Anything remotely linked with the basic instinct of all men & women is considered taboo to speak about. It is something guarded fiercely as very private and confidential. 

These are precisely stuff that kindles the wild curiosities of the yet unaware. The more one tries to cover it up under the guise of taboo, the more one's mind fights to remove the sheath. 

Another taboo issue that is becoming more and more prevalent in modern India is infertility. The trauma that surrounds the unfortunate couple who yearn for a child of their own is quite immense whose depth can be explained only by the ones who are undergoing it. 

Though the medical field has taken huge strides in this area and offers various means and methods to conceive, the process itself is under the shadow of taboo and the fear of humiliation and rejection. 

I enjoyed watching John Abraham's maiden production venture 'Vicky Donor' yesterday in the comforts of a plush multiplex in the National Capital Region. This is truly a coming of the age movie that breaks the shackles of taboo associated with sperm donation. 

Indian men have egos larger than.. U know what! I have heard of marriages seeing a premature end because of the man's refusal to accept the possibility of a deficiency in his system. It is always easier to blame the meek and our society is such that it readily accepts if the woman is accused of being barren without even questioning the man. It is taboo. 

Vicky Donor is one of the boldest movies churned out by Bollywood till date and they say what they want to say in a brazen - unabashed manner that hits the ball to the park. The thought of a guy making a career out of sperm donation in itself is novel and it therefore deserves a round of applause. There is nothing sublime about the message in the movie. It is there; right in front of you; there is no way you can ignore it!

Congratulations to the cast & crew of this amazing new movie that comes as a breath of fresh air in the stale stinking formula melee that Bollywood was slowing turning out to be. 

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