Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Stress Syndrome

In today's corporate life men are accounted for as resources and the time they spend at their desks is recorded as overheads. 

There is great impetus on deliverance along with efficiency and most importantly effectiveness. It is a fish eat fish eco system where the smartest feasts on the slow ones. 

Performance pressure has now moved on to the domain of work and it has been afflicting many a brave soul. Stress precipitates from pressure, frustration and carrying an over zealous attitude around. It is the most notorious and undesirable corporate payout which is not specifically stated in any of the it's vision & mission statements. 

Stress is not foreseen and definitely not welcome. Stress is an impediment to personal health, interpersonal health and ultimately the organisation's health. A stressed work force seldom proves to be productive and often ends up as a pain in the neck to the organisation. 

Stress is best curbed when you befriend its symptoms. There can be no single panacea for this. We can adopt a multi pronged approach to rescue ourselves from the fangs of stress. 

1. Identify the possible trigger points that might lead to a stressful situation. Nip them at the bud stage itself. Do not procrastinate over an issue. 

2. Discuss your problems with your peers, family (it helps), your manager. Letting go of your ego can alleviate the danger of impending stress situations.

3. Avoid avoiding the issue. It is a myth that issues get resolved by themselves over time. 

4. On the physiological and psychological fronts maintain a healthy lifestyle and indulge in an active social life. It is a well known fact that healthier and more socially active managers experience significantly reduced levels of stress when subjected to pressure situations. 

5. Understand your limits. Your manager does expect you to stretch your goals, but being over zealous about it yields neither you nor your manager any desired results. Be pragmatic and discuss your objectives with your manager. 

These are some of the fundamental rules that one can set for themselves to a stress free work life. After all, one works to ensure a good life and life is good without stress

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.” 
― Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free

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