Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The History of Myth

I had always thought of penning down my plethora of thoughts and share with the world. Current trends of networking over the world wide web carries a lot of intrigue in terms of the speed with which your word travels (faster than woman to woman I can say) and also gives you immediate access to the amazing dimension of "Counter opinion". Yes! it is interesting to note that most people have a slight or completely different opinion to whatever comes out of your mouth even if they are in total agreement. No two opinions are exactly the same. 

With this disclaimer I wish to carry on with the documentation of my charioteer - less thought chariot. 

This is a feeble attempt at "blogging" and I appreciate if the readers could take it with a pinch of salt. 

I have named my blog "From a Vantage Point". 

"Vantage" means to be at an advantageous position. So, one may assume I write about topics about which I am  very sure and can stand my ground if a fierce argument ensues. 

If my friends know me, I am a great believer of the epics. I do not fancy the usage of the term "mythology". I just love History and I am a staunch advocate of the historical trueness of the events described in our epics & puranas. I just gorge on history. 

I do not differentiate between serious historical reports and popular graphic representations of the same, though I thoroughly enjoy the latter as it greatly connects with my generation. 

My tryst with "history" began with my introduction to Uncle Pai's hugely popular "Amar Chitra Katha" series. It captured my young mind and catapulted me into the era of kings & queens, Castles and moats, divine and demonic. 

My historical sojourn got a major shot in the arm when I discovered as a boy the treasure trove of Greek, Roman & Norse "Mythology". 

While I assure you guys that my area of interest is NOT religion. That is a topic of discussion for theology experts even atheists and rationalists. My area of interest is also not about faith. What fascinates me is the severed umbilical chord of "that part of time" that connected Myth with fact. 

Somehow sometime someone brutally severed this lifeline with gross misinterpretation and complete bias towards a more unrealistic present and a less believing future which I surely hope will change for the good. 

Man is part of an ever expanding Universe (or is it Multiverse?) and keeps discovering more and more about his planet, his fellow inhabitants, his neighbours in space and beyond and even more about his inner self. The question is how can one explore more about one's inner self by disconnecting with the past. 

Maybe a soul searching in the past is a panacea for all our present and future pestilence. 

This is a question for which I do not have an answer and maybe Men of Science and the faith are all already searching for a more suitable one. 

The video link is testimonial to my long standing belief on the authenticity of history being mentioned in our epics.

This History Channel video snatch talks about Space shuttles used by Aliens. This may be due to the western world's perennial obsession with the extra terrestrial. Our ancestors had specific definitions of these so called "UFOs" and "Aliens" and many even had such elaborate descriptions, it is just ridiculous to dismiss those as some sadhu baba's figment of imagination when he was high on pot. 

Just to substantiate my argument, I take reference of the term "Trinity" used by most of the liberal religions. Hindus know their Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva). Everyone is aware of the Christian holy trinity. The Greeks & the Norse also had their understanding of the trinity (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades) (Odin, Thor and Loki). There were Devas and Asuras and then there were Elves and Orks. 

Surely in those days, much after the great continental drift and the world was in its current shape, people were divided by geographical barriers so majestic they were hard to surpass. So how did then people in central Europe, The Indian Peninsula and the civilised part of western Europe think so much alike. Surely, because they were merely stating down facts. The ancient sadhus were the reporters of that time. 

I stop here by giving the much needed time to contemplate! Are we ignoring our history and missing out on a present that could have been such an excitement.

You know how they put it....... You just gotta start and the rest is well... HISTORY!

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